The "Il Girasole Agency" is the ideal partner for who wants to rent, to acquire or to sell a real estate, for who is searching a complete and professional advising regarding any phase of the negotiation, saving time with the certainty of a perfect  transaction.

Through our experience we have stated that the real estate market is in continuous evolution and the Customers have the necessity of a total advising that answers to every aspect of the SEZor.

The "Il Girasole Agency" has a rich database of proposals tied to the tourism, to the residential and business SEZor, strong of our positioning in the more pleasant and characteristic piece of the Adriatic coast.

In addition to the numerous proposals of this website, we may supply any solutions purposely studied for You.

Via Trieste, 1 (angolo Lungomare Marconi) - Alba Adriatica (Te -ITALY)
Tel. +39 861/714.780 - +39 329/18.88.042

Via Trieste, 1 (angolo Lung. Marconi)
Alba Adriatica (Te) - ITALY
P.IVA 01633180672
Recipient code: M5UXCR1
Tel. +39 861/714.780 - +39 329/18.88.042
Fax +39 861/714.780